The CCP-SAS project was initiated through a joint NSF/EPRSRC grant. Work on further developing the GenApp framework SASSIE-web and deployment continues through various independent support mechanism from NSF, NIST, and EPSRC. Planning, direction and are facilitated through a UK/US Leadership Counsel which meets roughly monthly.

CCP-SAS Leadership Committee

Stephen Perkins: CCP liaison - University College London:
Emre Brookes: GenApp Lead PI - University of Montana:
Joseph Curtis: SASSIE architect and lead - NIST:
Karen Edler - Universtity of Bath:
Dave Scott - Universtiy of Nottingham:
Paul Butler - NIST and Universtity of Tennesee:

Current Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Jayesh Bhatt (University College London)
Cheol Jeong (NIST Center for Neutron Research)
Alexey Savelyev (University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio)

Stakeholder Collaborators

Alun Ashton (Diamond Light Source)
Dave Barlow (King's College London)
Jianhan Chen (Kansas State University)
Luke Clifton (ISIS Neutron & Muon Source)
Nick Draper (Tessella Ltd)
David Fushman (University of Maryland)
Richard Gillilan (Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source)
Richard Heenan (ISIS Neutron & Muon Source)
Arwel Hughes (ISIS Neutron & Muon Source)
Tom Irving (Illinois Institute of Technology / Advanced Photon Source)
Michael Kent (Sandia National Laboratory)
Steve King (ISIS Neutron & Muon Source)
Susan Krueger (NIST Gaithersburg)
Jeremy Lakey (Newcastle University)
Daniel Myatt (ISIS Neutron & Muon Source)
Alison Paul (Cardiff University)
Joel Schildbach (Johns Hopkins University)
Nick Terrill (Diamond Light Source)
Gregory Van Duyne (University of Pennsylvania)
David Willock (Cardiff University)
Nathan Wright (James Madison University)

Acknowledging CCP-SAS

If you found this software useful to your work please don't forget to acknowledge its use in your publications as suggested below and reference this website: Please also consider letting us know by sending us the reference to your work. This will help us ensure the long term support and development of the software.

This work benefited from CCP-SAS software developed through a joint EPSRC (EP/K039121/1) and NSF (CHE-1265821) grant.